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We supply high quality background checks to companies across Canada. Our clients Know Who They’re Hiring, and have invested in a background checking program to ensure that the service providers that visit your home or office have been “BackChecked.”  

The “I’m BackChecked” program lets our clients prove to you that they have selected safe, honest and reliable employees. 

Chances are you are visiting this page because a service provider has shown you a badge or business card with their BackCheck serial number on it. To verify the information on their badge or card, simply complete the fields below and you can quickly see a true copy of the badge, including a complete list of the screening services BackCheck has performed on them.


Watch our 60 second demo video!



Last Name:

Upon initiating a badge verification request, the badge file will begin downloading. Please click "save" or "open" to view the file.








Ensure your contactors are screened as your
employees are with a Contractor Compliance package


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