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How can I obtain more information about the "Not Clear" result?


BackCheck's police partners provide 3 types of Criminal Record Check results: "Clear", "Not Clear", and "Not Clear - Accurate Disclosure".


If you receive a "Not Clear" result on an applicant, you can either choose to either Zero-In with BackCheck’s proprietary eConsent technology, or send your candidate to the police station for fingerprints.




How does BackCheck Zero-In™ work?


Step 1

Once you've informed the candidate that you would like them to consent to a second, more thorough and detailed criminal record check, invite the candidate from the BackCheck eConsent online ordering technology.

Step 2 The candidate logs-in and provides additional details about their criminal history securely and discreetly online.
Step 3 BackCheck will forward the revised consent and disclosure forms to our police partners to conduct a second query on the candidate. A result of “Not Clear – Accurate Disclosure” will be returned if the declaration is now accurate. You will now be able to review the complete disclosure and make an informed hiring decision.




If the candidate has not provided an accurate or complete disclosure of their criminal history, then the check will once again be returned “Not Clear”, and you can either Zero-In again, or send the candidate for fingerprints.




How long does it take?


Upon receive the candidate's updated information, results of the Zero-In query will be delivered within one business day.