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Look for the BackCheck ID Badge!


Canadians trust The Home Depot for quality Installation Services. The Home Depot ensures their Installers have passed numerous background checks through their partnership with BackCheck.



What does BackCheck do for you?

The "I'm BackChecked - Verify Me!" ID Badge means
that the Installer coming to your premises has been
checked and verified for:
  • Financial Stability
  • Criminal History
  • up-to-date Workers Compensation Coverage
  • Valid Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Trade Licenses (where required by local legislation)




When the Installer shows you his or her ID Badge, you can verify that it's real.



Simply visit


Enter the Installer's last name and BackCheck Serial Number


The Installer's online profile will be instantly displayed, including a true likeness of their badge (name and photo), the list of background checks that have been completed, and their profile expiry date.


All ID Cards are renewed annually. If a badge is lost, stolen or expired, the site will warn you.





Specific Background Check Services Conducted Include:


Workers' Compensation & Insurance Coverage


Did you know that you can be held financially liable for injuries caused by someone working on your property who injures themselves? For this reason, we make certian that all members of the Installations Team are properly registered and covered by their provincial Worker's Safety or Insurance Board.


Installers working on your property as part of the Home Depot Installation Services Team are also required to be adequately insured against liability, theft and physical property damage.


BackCheck, Canada's largest provider of background screening, verifies this coverage - anyone that doesn't comply will be removed, either temporarily until coverage is up-to-date, or permanently if they fail to comply.



Criminal Record Checks


A Criminal Record Check for this process is a search of the Canadian Police Information Centre, the central repository for Canada, which is maintained by the RCMP. The process searches for relevant criminal convictions, specifically looking for crimes of a physical nature, or crimes against property.


Criminal Record Checks are renewed annually for all Service Providers.



Trade Licenses


Are Installers working in your home qualified to perform the job?


BackCheck conducts provincial trade license verifications to ensure that all Installers are registered and certified to work. An Installer will not receive a Home Depot badge if they do not provide proof of their claimed licenses. The expertise of Home Depot Installers will guarantee the quality of our work!


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Why BackCheck?