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February 29

Vendor Credentialing Services Canada partners with BackCheck to provide comprehensive vendor credentialing program

February 29th, 2012 – Vendor Credentialing Services Canada Inc (“VCS Canada”), a provider of web-based vendor management solutions, has today announced a strategic partnership with BackCheck – Canada’s largest and leading provider of screening services to corporations and volunteer organizations. The partnership will enable hospital third party vendors an integrated criminal background screening service through – BackCheck’s secure platform that enables online ordering, storage and secure sharing of background check information.VCS Canada will ensure that all employees representing third party vendors attending Canadian hospitals have met various credential, vaccination, patient privacy training and job-specific training criteria. VCS will also capture detailed vendor information including who was in the hospital, when they were there, and for what purpose. By implementing this system patient safety and vendor accountability is significantly enhanced.

The partnership between VCS Canada and BackCheck will be highly secure, and sensitive toward privacy legislation. Both companies have strong commitments to establishing and maintaining the most secure and easy to use software systems in their respective industries.

Commenting on the partnership, Dave Dinesen, President and CEO of BackCheck™, "Congratulations VCS Canada. BackCheck is pleased to be selected as the exclusive background screening partner for VCS Canada. VCS Canada clients will enjoy benefit from the platform, which when coupled with the Canada Post network of post offices for physical ID Verification creates a convenient and secure way for individuals to obtain a criminal record check. has proven an effective way for organizations in health care, sporting and volunteer groups to order, store, manage and share their background checks.”

“This is an important opportunity for VCS Canada to ensure the personal information of our Canadian Vendor Partners is safeguarded and maintained in Canada”, said Michelle Floh, President and CEO, VCS Canada. “As Canadian hospitals make efforts to deliver quality patient care, keeping track of the vendors is essential to patient safety and privacy. Our solution is based on improving patient safety while protecting the privacy of all stakeholders: hospitals, patients and vendors. BackCheck’s services are aligned with our goals.”

About VCS Canada

Vendor Credentialing Services Canada Inc is a Canadian vendor management company that protects institutions through credentialing, training and monitoring vendors. Though the need for credentialing is most clearly articulated within hospitals, VCS Canada can and will continue to address the emerging requirements for credentialing in all relevant markets. Call 1-877-885-1420

About BackCheck

BackCheck specializes in background checks for employment and volunteer screening, including Criminal Record Checks and Criminal Record Search, Credit Bureau Inquiries, Investigative Reference Checks, Employment Verifications, Education Verifications, and Driver Abstracts. With thousands of clients ranging in size from under 50 to over 150,000 employees, BackCheck is Canada’s leading provider of pre-employment screening.

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