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Child Protection is everyone’s concern. The costs to the reputation of the sport, the members of the sport, and volunteer governing bodies pale in comparison to the cost borne on the child who is a victim of abuse. Ringette Nova Scotia’s criteria for vetting adults involved with children comply with the industry standards:

As per RNS Volunteer Screening Policy - 5.19, as voted on at the RNS AGM by the membership:

Screening of personnel and volunteers is an important part of providing a safe environment within sport associations that provide programs and services for youth. Ringette Nova Scotia is responsible to do everything reasonable to provide a safe and secure environment for participants in its programs, activities and events. Ringette Nova Scotia is committed to fulfilling the duty of care it owes its members.

The CARC/CRC Association Spreadsheets are due to RNS office 30th November, annually. Individual volunteers requiring a CARC and / or CRC are encouraged to file these documents with their home association prior to the RNS deadline. For more information on obtaining a CARC/CRC see RNS website: http://www.ringette.ns.ca/about-us/association-information-page/