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Reference Checks

Reference Checks are a valuable tool for screening candidates; however, conducting proper reference checks can be very time consuming and difficult for Hiring Managers.


As a neutral third party, BackCheck has people ready to make and take calls.  We have no bias from having met your candidate in person - our only focus is getting you high quality, detailed information.




Popular BackCheck interview templates to choose from:

Basic - 8 areas of inquiry   |   Standard - 11 areas of inquiry   |   Investigative - 20 areas of inquiry



Telephone Interviews

Professional interviews conducted by our roster of expierienced HR interviewers. We never miss a call, and always follow up. With over 400 professionals working on three continents, we are open during extended business hours.

BackCheck Reference Technology

Features online reference interviews with IP address tracking technology, complemented by telephone follow-up. Results are cross-referenced and enhanced by Employment Verifications when required to deliver fast, economical reference interviews with high completion rates and high reliability. 



Enhanced by Employment Verifications

When necessary, an Employment Verification is initiated. Verifications are received directly by the employer’s Payroll or Head Office – a quick way to verify reliability of a reference.





Highly Trained & Experienced Interviewers

By partnering with BackCheck, your Hiring Managers and Recruitment Team can focus on their primary functions, rather than playing telephone tag. BackCheck interviewers have conducted over 2 million Reference Checks since 2001.

  • Our highly trained and experienced interviewers will ask the right questions and probe appropriately for clarification to extract detailed information on each candidate’s punctuality and quality of work.

  • We never miss a call, and always follow-up – with over 400 experienced staff working extended business hours in combination with high technology solutions, we have high completion rates, and make the process convenient for each reference.

  • Tailored process – with 4 levels of Reference Checks (suitable for entry-level through executive hires), we can customise a program that works for your organisation.

  • Real-time, online delivery of results – track the progress of each reference check and view them as soon as they are available.

  • Remove interview bias – we’ve never met your candidates, so when we conduct a reference, we focus on results that let you make an informed hiring decision.