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Criminal Record Checks Completely Online

Join thousands of Canadian organizations and citizens that have already chosen as a way to Order, Store, Manage and Share their background checks. provides an online, end-to-end solution for organizations and employers to screen their employees and volunteers. allows organizations to invite individuals to conduct their criminal record check, whether paid for by the individual or the organization, and then to manage the results. With scheduled renewal reminders and next business day turnaround times, you’ll never have to worry about your criminal record check process again!



  • Online – Once logged into your account, simply send an email to those who require screening. Or, send applicants to a web-page custom designed for your organization where they can start their background check. (Visit for an example)

  • Consistency - guarantees price, turnaround time, and consistency of results from police services nationwide.

  • Convenience and Choice - your applicant consents to the criminal record check online and provides all their information.  For most applicants, they never have to leave home to complete the check!

ID Verification is a mandatory step and provides 3 options:

1) Online ID verification using a leading tool that is approved by the Canadian Policing community,
2) Visit your office to have their ID copied and verified, or
3) they can visit 1 of 5000 participating CANADA POST retail outlets where a Canada Post representative will verify their ID and submit it to us.. READ MORE

- works directly with police services across Canada to provide results online in real-time, usually within 8 hours, and guaranteed by the next business day.


We provide the expertise and infrastructure to handle sensitive information. Privacy is protected by secure online submission. By using, not-for-profit organizations need not be burdened with their members' personal information.

Manage & Share

  • Online Administration - Audit, Track and Organize results according to different locations or roles within your organization.
  • Payment Options - we offer flexible options, including payment on account, payment by the individual, or a combination of the two.

  • Privacy of Results - decide who within your organization is allowed to view results.

  • Renewal Reminders and Tracking of Agedness - Establish a length of time for how long your Criminal Record Checks are valid. can send automatic notices to your members when it is time to renew their checks. If someone tries to share a check with you that is out-dated, the system will prompt them to order a new check.