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April 5

Notable Trends in Background Screening - Dave Dinesen

More companies than ever before are conducting pre-employment background checks. The reason is obvious – no one wants to hire unsuitable employees. But the benefits of background checks are even more significant than they were just a few years ago. There are several explanations for the increased benefits:

1) As more companies conduct thorough background checks, the good candidates become scarcer, and the risk of hiring an unqualified or unsavoury character become even greater, which increases the value of a thorough screening process, and increases the risk of haphazard processes or failures to screen.

2) During the recession, BackCheck screened over half a million Canadians – and our “Red Flag” rate was higher by an order of magnitude. Up to 25-50% higher depending on the industry. In a tough job market, it seems more candidates succumbed to the temptation to overstate their qualifications and backgrounds.

3) Over the past decade, BackCheck has contacted well over a hundred thousand different employers and literally every education institution in Canada – multiple times. We’ve built a database and process around these relationships, and because our name and service are now well known, organizations are quick to respond to our requests for information. This lets us get the job done quickly, and with high completion rates. A competitive advantage for our customers indeed.

At BackCheck we use 3 words to further capture our value proposition: People, Process, and Technology. We have combined and invested in all three in order to bring a focused expertise that ensures our customers continue to receive the best background checking service in Canada, and to assure you that we will be here for the long haul.

Who you select to conduct your background checks matters, and in tough times, it is even more important. Any outsourcing partner must be secure – financially, physically, and technologically. On a personal note, I would like to thank all of our BackCheck customers for their continued support and faith in us. We continue to reinvest in order to ensure that BackCheck remains Canada’s leading and largest background checking company…so you can “Know Who You’re Hiring”.

- Dave Dinesen

President & CEO, BackCheck