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Sterling Infosystems is the parent company of BackCheck

Canada's Largest and Leading Background Checking Company



Faster, More Accurate American Background Checks

A Criminal History Background Search in the USA is a key part of a background check program for most organizations within the United States. American Criminal Background Checks help you to select safe, honest and reliable American people, while deterring dangerous individuals from joining your organization.

Unbeatable Criminal Background Check Speed & Accuracy

Powered by Court Direct

“Most crimes occur in the areas between where people live, work, and play. A quality criminal background check finds all of them quickly and cost effectively.” - William Greenblatt, Founder & CEO Sterling

Locate Up To 20% More Criminal Records with Sterling’s Complete Criminal Record Locator:

Accurately locating the correct counties or states to search is the most vital step toward conducting a thorough Criminal Background Check. The Complete Criminal Record Locator closes gaps left by traditional trace products. How? By using complementary benefits of 3 locators:

Arrest Direct


As part of the Complete Criminal Record Locator, ArrestDirect, Sterling’s proprietary locator tool, identifies additional jurisdictions to search for convictions based on arrest records.


ArrestDirect targets where crimes have happened


Criminal Record Check Bullet Point

To enhance our SSN Trace, ArrestDirect queries over 3500 jurisdictions for bookings and incarcerations, covering 70% of the incarcerated population in the U.S.


Criminal Record Check Bullet Point

By complementing our SSN Trace with data from arrest records, Sterling targets additional jurisdictions with a high probability of finding criminal convictions.


Criminal Record Check Bullet Point
Sterling's CourtDirect technology goes to the targeted counties to validate records, reporting detailed criminal convictions to you as normal.



ArrestDirect targets where crimes have happened.

Reveal up to 20% more Criminal Records over traditional background check packages:


Arrest Direct Case Study

We took 25,000 candidates with a standard service package that uses SSN Trace to guide which counties or states to search. The SSN Trace prompted an average of 4 jurisdications to search per candidate.

We ran ArrestDirect on these candidates and found Hundreds of New Convictions – the vast majority of which were for candidates that would otherwise have been listed as Clear.

We closely examined the newly revealed convictions for 200 of these individuals:

  • 16 assaults of varying degrees – including Strangulation
  • 25 counts of theft/robbery/armed robbery Convictions
  • 6 Drug Distribution Convictions
  • 1 Mob Action
  • 3 Forgery Convictions
  • 3 Weapons Convictions

Arrest Direct Case Study

September 2012 ARRESTDirect™ + SSN Trace Analysis

Based on 3500 applicants from a sampling of our clients, ArrestDirect located 215 new convictions in counties not targeted by SSN Trace.

  • ArrestDirect™ locates and reveals 95 applicants with convictions! (with SSN guided county and state searches, these applicants would have been “all clear”)
  • ArrestDirect™ add s one or more Convictions to 120 applicants! (The SSN Trace alone did not guide us to the whole story about these applicants).

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Enhanced National Criminal Search


An Enhanced Nationwide Search pulls from hundreds or data sources across millions of records, but is not 100% comprehensive and may not contain up-to-date information.


Instantly search State, County and Corrections criminal record databases. When we find a criminal conviction, we run the criminal record check in the county identified.

A supplemental service to Sterling's criminal background check, the National Criminal Search accesses our proprietary criminal record database to seek out "vacationing criminals." We search against criminal records collected from all over the country, including state Department of Corrections and county criminal court records as a part of our criminal background screening services.

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Social Security Number Trace


Social Security Number Trace looks at where the applicant has lived according to credit applications and other sources.


A Social security number verification is a cornerstone of background checks in the U.S and the quickest, most effective way to verify the identity of an individual.

A social security number SSN trace results in a 7-10 year history of past and present addresses connected with that unique identifier. The SSN verification report also lists the names associated with those addresses, thereby ensuring that the background check has access to a full set of AKAs ("also known as") including aliases, maiden names, nicknames and names misspelled or variously transliterated across languages. The source information gathered via social security number verification makes this process an essential component in criminal history investigations and a valuable tool in maximizing the efficacy of other investigative searches.


Sterling's advanced technology enables the results of a social security number trace to be translated – automatically and within seconds – into criminal county or state searches through our proprietary CourtDirectSM platform, vastly speeding the all over turnaround time for pre-employment background checks. Sterling Infosystems recommends SSN verification as an indispensable part of all pre-employment background checks and an important element in any background checking program.

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Sterling Complete Criminal Record Locator

Click on applicants to see how important it is to use the Sterling Complete Criminal Record Locator.


Criminal Record Check Service Menu

County Criminal Record Search

Sterling performs direct searches of county court records for both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. Criminal Record Search Details include the current status and/or final outcome, depending on state-specific legislation. All results are FCRA-compliant, ensuring details are legally reportable.


State Criminal Record Check

A State Criminal Record Check pulls information from Local Indices and Centralized State Repositories.  While every state possesses a state repository, differing state legislation renders some repositories incomplete, and thus unreliable. Additionally, some state repositories are restricted to public access. At Sterling, we only offer the state wide option if we are confident that our clients receive a reliable and thorough statewide search. State Criminal Record Checks are currently available in in 44 states and Puerto Rico. Currently unavailable in CA, LA, MS, OH, WV, and WY.

Federal Criminal Record Search

A Federal Criminal Record Check reports federal crimes, which have often crossed state borders.  This method is typically used for screening upper-level positions to supplement County and State Criminal Record Checks. There are 11 federal districts within the United States.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Sterling's thorough Sex Offender Search helps businesses identify sex offenders and other violent criminals prior to hire, property rental/lease/trust agreements, and other services legally allowed limiting access to violent criminals.