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Credit Inquiries

Many positions require employees to handle cash, credit, or other sensitive information. Credit Bureau Inquiries have long been a standard tool in pre-employment screening; they are an effective investigative tool that will raise Red Flags that you will not find elsewhere.


Reveal Payment History

A Credit Inquiry is a search based on the applicant’s credit history, which may reveal inconsistent payment histories, bankruptcies, legal action, and collections. In addition, a Credit Inquiry includes all the benefits of our Identity Cross-Checks. The Credit Inquiry does not affect your candidate’s credit score.



Verify Responsibility

Desperate people may do desperate things. If a prospective candidate is in poor financial condition or has exhibited a lack of financial accountability in the past, they may not be the most suitable individual for handling your company’s assets.

With the added value of Identity Cross-Checks, this service has proven itself useful for clients time and time again, as it catches candidates attempting to manipulate the system by providing a fake name or date-of-birth. When our Credit Bureau Inquiries are ordered in conjunction with a Criminal Record Check, BackCheck is able to uncover additional candidate aliases, increasing the number of candidate criminal records discovered by over 30%.





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