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Contractor Credentialing

With increasing frequency, regulatory requirements and contractual obligations require organizations to conduct regular screening on all employees and contractors. These requirements may be addressed in a contract but are not always verifiable.


With the “I’m BackChecked” program, compliance and qualifications can be verified on the spot via serial number and online profile.  Contractors and Suppliers carry a Verifiable ID Badge from BackCheck.

Whether at a reception desk, security gate, or even a front door, qualifications can be verified online instantly, even via iPhone or Blackberry! Simply visit to view their picture, name, the company they represent, and the results of their background check.



How Does it Work?



Identification Badges

Our badge printing technology allows for edge-to-edge, dye-sublimation and thermal transfer PVC card printing. The printing process results in a highly durable identification card with a sharp, clear image that is difficult to forge, yet easily authenticated. For further security, BackCheck can produce cards with holographic patch laminates.


Workers Compensation and Insurance Coverage

BackCheck can track and monitor for compliance each of your contractors’ insurance and workers’ compensation statuses.  Contact Us for a Quote today!