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May 29

Babysitters & house cleaners top the list of home service providers Canadians most want criminal record checked

Canadians most want criminal record checked

VANCOUVER, May 29, 2012 /Canada NewsWire/ - Three-quarters of Canadians say a criminal record check would influence their purchasing decision when considering home service providers, according to a national survey released today.

Babysitters and house cleaners top the list of home service providers Canadians want criminal record checked. Ninety-three percent of Canadians would prefer hiring a baby sitter who has undergone a criminal record check, followed by house cleaners (76 per cent), electricians (57 per cent) and plumbers (56 per cent).

In general, women and older respondents feel most strongly that a criminal record check would influence their decision to purchase goods or services from a home service provider.

Regionally, Albertans most consistently say that criminal record checks would positively influence their buying decision, whereas Quebec residents are typically less concerned about criminal record checks - with the exception of baby sitters and food delivery services.

Canadians believe criminal record checks are important for home service providers in the following order:

Conducted by BackCheck - Canada's largest provider of criminal record and employment reference checks - the survey showed that respondents were less concerned about trades operating outside the home, such as roofers and landscapers.

"This survey clearly shows that criminal record checks boost business prospects," says Dave Dinesen, Founder and CEO of BackCheck. "Canadians would feel more comfortable hiring someone with a clean record, particularly if that person will be working where you live."

According to Corrections Canada, ten percent of Canadians have criminal records. Background checks are increasingly being used in the hiring process by both corporations and volunteer organizations

Dinesen believes criminal record checks - which can be done quickly and inexpensively online - make sense for two key reasons. "First, this one simple step is a differentiating factor that encourages people to purchase from your company. Second, it makes customers feel safer. Clearly, it's important to Canadians to have that sense of security. Given the survey results, the many house cleaning companies across the country that require criminal record checks are on the right track."

When it comes to employment involving children, 98 percent of Canadians think criminal record checks are important. "Not surprisingly, the vast majority of us would feel more comfortable hiring a babysitter with a clean record," Dinesen says.