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Background Check Solutions for Banking and Finance Sectors

Pre-employment screening is commonplace in the financial services sector, largely because of the unparalleled access to sensitive personal and financial data. Turnaround time, Data Security, Quality, Level of Detail, and Accuracy of information are at the top of the list when choosing a background checking partner.




Nationwide Experience

BackCheck has extensive experience in designing employment screening programs suitable for companies in the financial sector. From major banks and insurers, to financial advisors and local credit unions, BackCheck is a trusted partner of many financial organizations and we complete background checks for tens of thousands of employees seeking work in this sector.

BackCheck regularly assists with OSFI Compliance. We understand the unique operating environments within which you work, the unique regulations, and the heightened public scrutiny surrounding the actions of financial institutions, especially as it relates to privacy of information.




Our People, Process & Technology combine to deliver quality results


BackCheck has taken the time and invested resources to hire and train professional interviewers who use our world-class technologies to deliver timely, accurate information:


As consumers become more aware of security threats and identity theft, it is increasingly important for firms in the financial sector to thoroughly screen their employment candidates. Poor credit histories, records of fraud or theft, and substandard work performance are commonly revealed during the background check process.



A Banking & Finance Background Check Package Typically Includes: 
To further protect their organization, many have also chosen: