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Background Check Solutions for Police Services

Protect your reputation – Know Who You’re Hiring!


Designed to help Police Services screen and find the best Police Officers, Civilian Support, Volunteers, and Auxiliary members.


Police Services Packages are customizable, and may include: 




Features and Benefits



We customize solutions according to your preferences, and our bank-calibre data security coupled with our roster of CISD cleared personnel guarantees that all information remains confidential and is completely secure.




People, Processes, and Secure Technology

Our team of over 400 university educated People, our efficient and privacy compliant Process and our easy to use Technology have combined to perform over 3 million background checks for thousands of organizations in all industry sectors. BackCheck’s solutions are the first choice for government agencies, including provincial and municipal governments and police services.

With all clients, we take a customized approach to packaging services ensuring we meet each of our clients’ screening needs. Contact BackCheck today to learn more about screening candidates.