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ID Verification Options

Identification Verification is required before beginning a Canadian Criminal Record Check. The purpose is to ensure the candidate consenting to the check is who they claim to be. This simple step adds a layer of protection for both the individual giving their consent, and for the requesting organization.


BackCheck can create a program for your organization that is highly accurate, while easy and painless for your candidates and for your organization.



BackCheck currently offers 3 ID Verification options:


eIV CanadaPost HiringManager


Option 1: 

Electronic ID Verification (eIV) – Most applicants don’t have to leave home!


Verify your Identification electronically from any computer by answering a few out-of-wallet questions.


Most adults in Canada have experienced Electronic ID Verification at one time or another. Developed by Canada’s major credit bureaus, eIV is used by most major financial institutions, and even by Canada Post when you change your address. eIV is recognized under the "Know your Customer" regulations as a suitable countermeasure against fraud and money laundering.


Drawing from the TransUnion and other third-party databases, eIV produces four 'out of wallet' questions relating to the candidate's credit history - only the candidate will be able to accurately answer these questions and thus pass the process. Information is cross-referenced with personal details provided by the candidate (such as their date-of-birth and address history) to produce a confirmation that the person is who they claim to be. If someone fails the process (most often this is because they have a limited credit history), they can be directed as a fallback to BackCheck’s 2nd and 3rd ID verification options.

Contact BackCheck today to learn more about Electronic ID Verification!


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Option 2: 


Canada Post ID Verification


Your candidate can have their ID verified anywhere in Canada by visiting their nearest participating Canada Post location!


  • Canada Post has over 5,000 locations nationwide.
  • Individuals can select the location closest to them.
  • ID verification will be completed at no cost to the individual.



How Does it Work?



1. After providing online consent, the candidate is instructed to print forms and visit a local Canada Post retail outlet for ID verification.


2. Canada Post witnesses the consent, scans ID, and sends it instantly to BackCheck.  (Once we receive it, the Canada Post system permanently deletes the documents.)


3. BackCheck conducts the Criminal Record Check and delivers results securely to your password-protected account.


There are over 30 participating Canada Post retail outlets within 2 miles of Toronto.


There are over 30 participating Canada Post retail outlets within 2 miles of Toronto’s CN Tower.




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Option 3: 


Hiring Manager / Company Representative ID Verification


Having a candidate’s identification verified in person is always an option when a Hiring Manager is available to meet with your candidate. Your Hiring Manager  is asked to make copies of your candidate’s ID and fax them into BackCheck with copies of the completed consent forms.


This ID Verification option is traditionally used with a paper-based BackCheck consent process.


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